Photography Class

Currently I am enrolled in Digital Photography as I am working towards a photography minor. A recent assignment that we received was to portray intimacy, only it’s probably not the type of intimacy that you first thought of. It certainly wasn’t for me! No, the intimacy we were to photograph did not involve physical contact between two star-crossed lovers…in fact, this intimacy did not involve people at all. It involved buildings. Normally, when I walk through a building I don’t feel any sort of connections with the space, and I certainly don’t feel intimate with the surrounding dry wall. So here lies the challenge of portraying a sense of connection to the building from the point of view of the photographer. I found that working with focal length was the best way to create a sense of intimacy. Of course, I also had to keep lighting in mind, as well as angles. Here are a few of the images that I came up with!  Never will I look at this building the same way again.


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